New shop display 2021 SUMMER In English


【 Our new shop display 】


Our owners' lounge invites you to another world as if you were in deep water.
Sand white natural materials such as vine plans and tips are decorated as if they were swaying gently in the deep water, on the bottom of which there are;

5000ccV8 engine

resting secretly among the coral ornaments and seashells.
The sparkling light from the shivering chandelier lights up the elegant and functional lines of the engine.

The recycling rate in the automobile industry has reached 99%. Likewise, in the artificial flower industry also the life cycle assessment (LCA) is now taken into account for developing sustainable materials.
For this display we used LIMEX Flowers made of limestone, which can be produced for 100 % domestically.  
Our display portrays the coexistence with nature as a result of great efforts in developing plant-origin plastics, collecting and recycling wastes, and your cooperation.  


# Strelitzia leaves
# Tulip Star
# Succulents
# LIMEX Flowers※
# Box trees
# Corals
# Starfish
# Ferns
# Solar jasmine
# Palm leaves
# Statice
We hope to see you soon in our relaxing and uplifting lounge.