LEXUS平塚 〜Power of Life〜

コンセプト: ナチュラル×インダストリアル
「 自然との共存 〜Power of life〜」。
5000cc V8#エンジン とブレーキ、シリンダー、アルミホイール 、ピストン
♻️Automobile parts are recycled 99% in Japan now.
Great efforts are being made to produce plant-derived plastics and to collect and recycle waste resources.
The cooperation of both manufacturers and users has made it possible to achieve a sustainable product lifecycle and coexistence with nature.
You can admire the ultimate functional beauty of the refined designs of #5000cc V8#engines and brakes, cylinders, #aluminum #wheels and pistons.
It is a miraculous harmony of artificial objects and nature.
👍The diameter of the piston fits the mouth of the glass vessel perfectly