Online flower workshops are now available.

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The entire room is a flower vase.

Floral ai has no retail shop and provides custom order flower arrangements. Any place your living room, stores showroom, or an event site- turns to be our flower vase and, viewing the whole space, we arrange flowers, and sometimes use cloths, crystals, and other interior decoration for total coordination from the ceiling to the floor. Thus the whole room creates an atmosphere of specific concepts.



Spatial designing

Shop decorations are, differing from posters and TV commercials, sensuous to human senses like a live performance. Highly sophisticated techniques are required to visualize a specific brand image or a clear concept, and create a welcoming atmosphere at the same time. Let us know your concept and image in your mind so as to make it real.

  • Preserved flowers
  • Large-seize arrangements with fresh flowers
  • Rental arrangements with artificial flowers


Online flower workshops are now available.

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About us

Flowers have healing powers. We are happy to arrange one-day workshops of all sizes and shapes.

In our workshops all flower lovers will have fun and feel relaxed. Beginners are welcome.

  • Workshops to entertain your clients
  • Workshops as a company training
  • Short-term florist certificate course

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about us

We are happy to receive orders from all over Japan and overseas. Our creative decorators will make plans for a charming spatial designing for you.