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Our workshops are tailored for your own purpose, whether it’s a special event for your clients, an uplifting in-house training or a career course for lifetime investment. Our creative staff will make the most of your aptitude and you will have an enjoyable moment. Please feel free to contact us.

Online lessons

Specialist course on video

Flower Buffet

Flower Buffet

Would you like a buffet-style flower workshop? Like a dessert buffet, you will be delighted to pick up your favouritematerials out of a selection of quality flowers, vases and other accessories. Your work will be only one original in the world. Our flower buffets have received lots of favourable comments from those who joined. We will be happy to make a customized plan that meets your requests.


■ [What are preserved flowers?] Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed with a preservation technology to maintain their fresh appearance and vivid colours.


■ [Bouquet with fresh flowers] You will learn how to make a bunch of seasonal fresh flowers. We will teach you tips to make your bouquet different, unique and special.


■ Herbarium 

Herbarium is a type of interior decoration of glass bottles in which dried and preserved flowers are beautifully arranged and filled with specially formulated mineral oil. It allows you to enjoy fresh-looking flowers and plants permanently with no need of watering and complicated cares. It is gaining popularity recently as a therapeutic item and it is perfect as a gift for your friends.

Intensive diplomatic courses

Arrangement / Ikebana / Preserved flowers


Our courses are designed to inspire your creativity. You will learn the basics of flower designing and the correct waysto handle flowers with Videos on line.

Please contact us for more information.


Authorized by Japan Floral Artists’ Association

Certification tests of flower arrangement, preserved flowers and Ikebana


Date and Venue: 

on line , or Floral ai atelier in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa

(Details will be contacted later. )

The third Friday every month,

9:00-, 13:00-


Lesson fees:

Basic half-year course (6 lessons) \¥37,400

Regular diplomatic course (12 lessons) \¥89,000 (exam fees included) \¥23,000

Graduate course (12 lessons) \¥83,600 (exam fees included) \¥33,000

Proficient diplomatic course (12 lessons) \¥90,200 (exam fees included) \¥63,000

Trial lesson \¥3,000

You will receive a certificate by Japan Flower Artists’ Association upon success in the exam.